How to write a song...

How do you write a song...a good song, one that has appeal enough to captivate an audience? Whether your genre is Rap, Rock & Roll, Country & Western, Country Rock, Punk, Blues, Jazz or any other type of music you feel in your blood, you can write a song.

Before "The Eagles" existed as a musical group, Glenn Frey had moved out to Los Angeles, California from detroit and had recently met Don Henley. But Glenn was also friends with some new, very talented up-and-comers, like Jackson Browne, Bob Seger and Linda Ronstadt (who he and Don Henley played for in her back-up band for a short while, before cutting out on their own). However, when Glenn became friends with Bob Seger, he actually played on one of Seger's songs "Ramblin' Man". During that time period, Glenn asked Bob, "How do you write a song?" Bob's reply was "Write and keep on writing". And Glenn asked, "But what if they're bad?" And, Bob replied " They will be bad!" "But keep on writing 'till you write a good one." And there's a piece of advice from someone who wrote and sang some of the most powerful songs ever and has a life-long career that continues still today! And Glenn Frey, well need I say more? Before his untimely death, he had not only orchestrated one of the best bands ever to be assembled... "The Eagles", but he wrote and co-wrote an unbelievable collection of hit songs including The Eagles first, and in my opinion best song ever, a collaboration with Jackson Browne, called "Take It Easy", that will stay on the minds and on the tongue of millions of adoring, devoted fans forever!

Simple, right? It couldn't be more to the point than that. Just keep on writing and eventually you will improve and finally, you will write a good song. 

Cheers & Best of Luck

With Kind Regards,

Laurence Venne

Sing along with Lance...

The following songs are originals...


** Alone, to Face the Day

** The Letter

** I Was Afraid

** I Wonder If You care

** Rainbows Once More

** Oh Jessica, 

** You Taught Me Well

** Please Come Home

** You Touched Me

** Rose Are Red and I Love You

** Honey Don't go


If you wish to hear some of these tunes, go to YouTube and type in "Songs by Laurence Venne". There are presently five available, and more to come...