Music Is A Gift...

How to write a song...

How do you write a song...a good song, one that has appeal enough to captivate an audience? Whether your genre is Rap, Rock & Roll, Country & Western, Country Rock, Punk, Blues, Jazz or any other type of music you feel in your blood, you can write a song.

Before "The Eagles" existed as a musical group, Glenn Frey had moved out to Los Angeles, California from detroit and had recently met Don Henley. But Glenn was also friends with some new, very talented up-and-comers, like Jackson Browne, Bob Seger and Linda Ronstadt (who he and Don Henley played for in her back-up band for a short while, before cutting out on their own). However, when Glenn became friends with Bob Seger, he actually played on one of Seger's songs "Ramblin' Man". During that time period, Glenn asked Bob, "How do you write a hit song?" Bob's reply was Keep on writing and don't stop". And Glenn asked, "But what if the songs I write are bad?" And, Bob replied " They will be bad, but keep on writing until you write a good one." And there's a piece of advice from someone who wrote and sang some of the most powerful songs ever and has a life-long career that continues still today! And Glenn Frey, well need I say more? Before his untimely death, he had not only orchestrated one of the best bands ever to be assembled... "The Eagles", but he wrote and co-wrote an unbelievable collection of hit songs including The Eagles first, and in my opinion best song ever, a collaboration with Jackson Browne, called "Take It Easy", that will stay on the minds and on the tongue of millions of adoring, devoted fans forever!

Simple, right? It couldn't be more to the point than that. Just keep on writing and eventually you will improve and finally, you will write a good song. 

Cheers & Best of Luck!

With Kind Regards,

Laurence Venne

Future Performer & Song Writer

Carson my son, age three or four, with his school-mate Dakoda, at piano lessons. Who would have known that they'd grow up to be so tall and so talented...We did! 

Sing along with Lance...

The following songs are originals...



* Right as Rain

* The Simple Cowboy Way

* A Love Song (Every Sunset is For Us)

* If I Could

* Alone, to Face the Day

* I Feel The Darkness

* I'm Missing You

* (You've Got me) Under Your Spell

* The Letter

* I Was Afraid

* I Wonder If You care

* Rainbows Once More

* Following the Foot Steps

* The Flower Store Lady 

* In a Field of Flowers

* The Flower Store Lady

* Oh Jessica

* You Taught Me Well

* Please Come Home

* You Touched Me

* Rose Are Red and I Love You



If you wish to hear some of these tunes, go to YouTube and type in "Songs by Laurence Venne". There are approximately 17 available at this time and more to come...

Right As Rain


1. Well I’m heading south on a fast moving train

And I won’t be coming back this way, again

My pockets almost empty, but I’m working on the pain.

‘Cause my baby left me, but hell I’m right as rain.



I’m feeling right as rain, ya right as rain

‘Cause there’s nothing like movin’ on, to ease the pain

A hand full of feel-goods and a bottle of Jack

I’ll gonna keep on movin’ lord, I ain’t goin’ back.



2. Now it’s been about a month and I’m still, on the move

I have to admit, things are runnin’ pretty smooth

My pockets are full now and the pain is almost gone

I’m gonna keep on heading south, ‘till I get to San Antone’.

The Simple Cowboy Way


1. I am a dusty cowboy, I’ve been down every trail

I’ve been in almost every train , ya I’ve ridden every rail

And I still love to hear old Merle with his haggard voice

I can break a horse and ride a bull; hard work has been my choice.


2. I’ve loved a lot of ladies, lord strike me if I lied

But nothing like the time I spent before my old dog died

And I grew to accept it, that we all will have our day

But meanwhile I’m just loving life, the simple cowboy way.



Now the simple cowboy way has never done me harm

Though I’ve seen the city lights, the ranch still has the charm

Not worryin’ about tomorrow or frettin’ ‘bout today

I know there’s nothing like the simple cowboy way….


3. What is the purpose of this song, I can hear you say

Well it’s not about the crazy things I’ve done at work and play

And it’s not about the things I’ve learned every single day

It’s just that I’ve lived my life the simple cowboy way.

A Love Song


1. I saw you nightly in my dreams

I thought about you night and day

You were the one I wanted so

I wondered if you’d come my way

Then one day, one true love, just for me, me and you..


2. Now every sunset is for us

The sun belongs to you and I

Our love, true destiny is such

We own the world, we own the sky

And then one day, one true love, just for me, me and you..



Dreams are coming true, my life with only you, Is ever-lasting, ‘til the end of time..

A promise from the heart, loving from the start Is ever-lasting, ‘til the end of time..

Alone, to Face the Day


1. Grandpa taught me fishin’ holes and bait.

Mama told me  never, ever hate,

Daddy schooled me how to be a man,

Now I’m trying to do the best I can.


2. Under the oak tree’s where I learned to kiss,

And as the sun set low, you taught me bliss.

And at the church I told you “Yes, I do”,

Now tell me why it is I’m losing you?


Chorus 1:

And now I’m learning about give and take

Lying, waiting for you wide awake

All the “I Do’s” promised, fade away

Again I’m left alone to face the day.


3. I tried so hard to always make you proud,

Now all I hear is voices speaking loud.

They’re telling me that I am not to blame,

I have no reasons to feel any shame.


Chorus 2:

I’m learning lessons about give and take

Lying, waiting for you wide awake

All my “I Do’s” promised, fade away

Again I’m left alone to face the day.

All my “I Do’s” promised, fade away

Again I’m left alone to face the day.

(In a) Field of Flowers


1. In a field of flowers, silent and still

She lay breathless, her eyes closed tight

Her hands cold as the autumn chill

Such sorrow, by morning light


2. It was April, or it might’ve been May

When they found her, my best friend

I remember the grief that I felt that day

When my world, came to an end.



Now she’s lying, oh so still In a field so far away

And those flowers and those butterflies

Keep her safe all night and day

There’s a happy sparkle in her eyes

And I wish that I could be

In that field of flowers and butterflies

Safe forever her and me.



1. I was only eight years old, when my daddy left my mom,

And so I sat up on the old south hill and I’d watch the postman come.

And I waited for that special letter that I knew would come someday,

But now the letter that I waited for, it must have lost its way.


2. That old postman came every day, but he might have forgotten me,

Or maybe that postman lost the letter that I wanted so bad to see.

Now I’m sitting with my second beer, but things are not much better,

And I still sit up on the old south hill, just waiting for that letter.



‘Cause my daddy, wouldn’t forget me, I know he’d sit and write,

That special letter, then he’d post it, and send it overnight.

He’d address it to my little boy, the one that I love so,

And he’d write “I’m so sorry son, I didn’t mean to go”.


3. Now my mama she has left us, and she’s gone away for good,

But she always took good care of me, just like I knew she would.

We’d sit up on the old south hill and she’d tell me “things will be better”,

And tears would fall, as we watched and waited, for my special letter.

I Was Afraid


I was awake when you left, but couldn’t call your name,

As you slipped into the night air, I was spent by my shame,

I was afraid, I was afraid.


There were things on my mind, I was willing to take the blame

But whatever was I thinking, when I called an old flame

I was afraid, I was afraid, I was afraid



I was afraid that your love wouldn’t last, this time

I was afraid that my heart would break again, this time

I was afraid that you’d leave me just like the times before

Would your love be strong enough, to keep you from that door?

I was afraid..

I Feel Darkness (In my Heart)


1. I feel darkness in my heart

A tearing pain within my soul

These thoughts are tearing me apart

No warmth is left, only the cold.


2. So many promises were made

And falling tears that’s all we feel

Now we’re so lonely and afraid

The smiles are gone, the pain is real.


3. Your demons tortured night and day

A battle fought at such a cost

We understand you lost your way

We must confess, we loved and lost.


4. A brother, son and such a friend

Through the twilight, dusk ‘til dawn

We’ll love you dearly, ‘til the end

Inside our hearts you will live on.



And now the clouds all fade away

The sun shines brightly once again

Our faith will bring us a new day

And broken hearts will surely mend.

In driving wind we hear you speak

You’re down below, you’re up above

With soothing words that we all seek

Comforting thoughts, forever love.

Following The Foot Steps


1. My fate was cast into the wind,

I heard you calling once again,

Your voice was like a siren’s song,

The lure of loneliness was strong,


2. I cannot tell of all my fears,

The rain man shedding many tears,

My heart is beating like a drum,

My worried soul; so very numb.



Now I’m following the footsteps I see beyond the black,

And I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before

One step then another, my direction very clear,

‘Cause I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before,

Yes, I feel a strength I’ve never felt before,


3. I feel a strength return to me,

I understand, I clearly see.

I stand certain of my ways,

Prepared to meet those coming days.


4. I walk alone but now I find,

I’m not the worried, fearful kind,

I have the power to say no,

My mind is ridden of the foe.

A Cowboy (through & through)


1. In my cowboy boots and my vest so worn

And my denim jeans ragged and torn

I live every day like there’s no tomorrow

I’m a cowboy through and through


2. I ride my horses and shoot my gun

I’ve never ever had too much fun

Then I’m mending fences out in the field

I’m a cowboy through and through.



Yes I’m a cowboy that’s so true

But I don’t know, what to do

My wife hasn’t left me and my dog is still here

I don’t get sad, there’s no tear in my beer

I’m a cowboy through and through


3. I drive a truck and I drive too fast

If I don’t slow down it’ll never last

I’m a little bit crazy, but don’t give a damn

I’m a cowboy through and through


4. I love a little water in my “Old Number Seven”

When I die, I’ll go to Cowboy Heaven

I love little babies and furry kittens

I’m a cowboy through and through Repeat




5. Waylon and Willie got that special beat

And Emmy-Lou makes me tap my feet

I can still two-step ‘til the sun comes up

I’m a cowboy through and through.


6. I’m not afraid of dying by any means

Just bury me please in my boots and jeans

I’ll be back some day to ride my horse

I’m a cowboy through and through…


I’ll be back some day to ride my horse

Wearin’ my jeans and my boots, of course

I’m a cowboy, through and through.

Ya I’m a cowboy…… through and through.

I’m missing you


1. In the middle of the night, with eyes closed tight, I dream about you.

In the middle of my dream, as I’m floating downstream, I think about you.

In the early sunrise with bright sunny skies, I long to hold you.

In the middle of the day when I know you’ve gone away, I’m missing you.


2. When I’m workin’ and sweatin’, I’m thinkin’ and frettin’, I worry about you. Though you promised you’d return, I just sit at night and yearn, ‘cause I’m needing you.

I’m waitin’ here for you and I’m feelin’ rather blue, I know I’m losing you.

My love is growing stronger, so I’ll wait a little longer, yes I love you.


Chorus: Yes I’m missing you night and day; I can’t take it any more

I tell you I love you and you tell me the same, yet you walked right out that door, I don’t understand when I hold your hand and you stare into my eyes

Just why I’m sitting here, trembling with fear, fighting all those lies.

Billy Was a Cowboy


1. Billy was a wrangler, and he followed the rodeo around.

He was dirty and a little bit silly and liked to cheer real loud.

He wanted to be a rodeo rider, cause he loved those horses so

But Billy had a challenge, and it kept him from the rodeo.


2. He grew up in a tough place, he never had many pals

And the kids all made fun of him, he never dated any gals

But Suzie had a challenge too, and I know he loved her so

He just wanted to impress her and join the rodeo.



In his heart he was cowboy, like his grandpa and daddy too,

He never thought of too much else, except for his sweet Sue

Rodeo riding and wild horses were always in his roots.

‘Cause Billy was true cowboy, from his hat down to his boots.


3. So one day at the rodeo, we heard them call his name

And they gave him a special trophy and he knew he’d earned his fame

Then the crowd got wild as he dedicated, his prize to his sweet Sue

And she smiled as he spoke of her, ‘cause she loved her Billy too.

I Wonder If You Care


1. The rain is falling softly as I slip into a dream,

The silence is surrounding me, I listen for a scream.

My loneliness is closing in; it’s got me in a vice,

Chances taken; lost my soul on one roll of the dice.


2. You’re somewhere in this galaxy, but I don’t know where,

I’m caught inside this dream of mine, I wonder if you care?

I’ll never feel the same again until you set me free,

I hear your voice and call your name, but your face I cannot see.



I wonder if you care and if your heart will bend,

And I wonder if I’ll see you, once again?

Do you ever dream of me, if only now and then?

And I wonder if I’ll see you …again?

The Flower Store Lady


1. With a pocket full of saved-up money

I headed to the flower store

With one big smile and my heart-a-beating

I pranced on through that door.


2. I knew that it was Mother’s Day 

And so proudly I said “Excuse me

I’m here to buy my mom some flowers

Could you show me a big bouquet”?


3. With a smile she said “come along with me”

I followed her on down the isle

To a wall of the most, beautiful roses

So excited all the while


4. Then she asked me “how old are you”

I proudly replied “I’m four”

Then she asked me “do you have some money”

And I said “ Yes, from doing chores”


5. Then she asked, where’s your mommy”?

I said “at home, I snuck away” “

I walked three blocks, to surprise her

With some flowers on Mother’s Day”


6. So she said “that’s eighteen dollars please”

So in my pocket, I dug down deep

I brought up one dime and eight quarters

And that flower lady begin to weep


7. Then she wiped her eyes and took my coins

I watched as she placed them in the drawer

Then she carefully wrapped those pretty roses

I said “thank you mam” and left that store




8. Well my mother’s eyes welled up with tears

Though she knew I’d snuck away

And she never forgot those pretty roses

On that very special Mother’s day


9. And I’ll never forget that flower lady

And those kind words I heard her say

And I smile when I think of the tears I saw

In that store, that Mother’s day.

Yes I smile as I think of that special lady

And her kindness, on Mother’s day.

If I Could


1. If I could read just one more story

If I could sing just one more song… .I would

If I could watch just one more sunset

If I could right just one last wrong…then I would



As time grows near, I see the door, I’ll bravely walk on through, My thoughts have left, my mind so still, just one regret… leaving you… but I will


2. If I could brave one raging river If

I could sail just one more sea….I would

If I could scale the highest mountain

If I could climb just one last tree….then I would



Your keeping me so very strong and I can clearly see,

Soon I will be climbing, that tall majestic tree…and I will


I will watch another sunset, and sing another song, and

I will sail all those oceans and the seas…Yes I will.

Oh Jessica


1. Oh Jessica, Oh Jessica, you are a rising star

Oh Jessica Oh Jessica, you’re destined to go far

So play that tune and sing that song

Fame will find you, it won’t be long

Oh Jessica, Oh Jessica, you are a shining star.




So please take me with you, on a midnight cruise

I’ll gaze into the starry skies, as you sing the Blues

Play me a little Rock & Roll, and don’t forget that Jazz

Then we’ll bop all through the star-filled night with Raz-ma-taz.


2. Oh Jessica, Oh Jessica, just sing it nice and loud

Sing it for them everywhere; lift your head up proud

So play that tune and sing that song

The world will love you, they’re never wrong

Oh Jessica, yes Jessica, you are our shining star

(You’ve got me) Under Your Spell


1. Wearin’ tight blue jeans, need I say more

I saw this beauty movin’ on the floor

Her blond hair flowin’ like a windy day

I never knew a girl could move that way.


2. She had all the moves and she knew it too

You’d start to tremble when she looked at you

She was a nine and a half, or maybe a ten

You’d look at her twice, then for sure again.



Now I can’t take my eyes off you Yes I’m tightly in your spell.

I can tell that I’m yours by the look in your eyes

I feel like you got me hypnotized

Yes I’m absolutely mezmorized

‘Cause you’ve got me under your spell….. Instrumental…


3. So I walked up to her and asked her to dance

Thinking maybe later of a little romance

But I could see she had different ideas

It wasn’t too long and I was on my knees




4. Now the years have gone by and I still stare

At those tight blue jeans and that flowing hair

She’s still a beauty and I’m here to tell

I know that I’m still under that spell

Carson River Venne

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Carson River Venne performing "In My Blood" (a Sean Mendes tune) at Salmon Arm Fair, 2018. Carson was competing in the "Shuswap Idol Competition" Check it out on YouTube at:


CARSON River Venne Shuswap Idol sings In My Blood