Carson River Venne

An aspiring musician...

My son, Carson River Venne is a musician. He plays piano and sings. He is starting to record and is working on some original tunes. Way to go Carson. I'm proud of you.. 

Songs for Sale...

"Songs" & "Songs 2" are a collection of original tunes, written & performed by myself, Laurence Venne. Keep posted, there are more to come...


* Now I Drive a Chevy

* Tonight I Feel the Need For Love 

* A Simple Word or Two

* In The Stillness

* River's Rising Blues

* I Don't Want to Live Without You



Now I Drive a Chevy


1. Well I was drivin my old Rambler, just mindin’ my own mind

When she came right out of nowhere, you know that sexy kind

She had herself a tight blue dress, a slit right up the side

So I turned my car on a dime, and offered her a ride

Then with a smile and quick reply, she said “I don’t date boys

I like to hang out with the men, the ones with all the toys”.


2. So I just kept-on cruisin’, down that boulevard

After all that bruisin’, I was really on my guard

When out of nowhere she appeared, a cute & sexy chick

Bikini top and tight blue shorts, she gave her lips-a-lick

So I spun that Rambler ‘round and yelled, “hey you wanna ride”?

She said that’s not really cool, I’d rather run & hide.

3. So I drove down on that boulevard, I thought I learned a bit

When Miss America appeared, I thought I’d throw a fit

I turned around to stare at her and guess what happened next?

She spun around and laughed at me, and now I am a mess.

She pointed at my suped-up car and said “that ain’t so heavy,

It’s time for you to wake up boy, and buy yourself a Chevy”.

Bridge: Not often you see dolls like that, it’s enough to go insane,

A dress so tight, it fit just right, I can only pray for rain

Now Friday nights I spend my time hangin’ at the levy

I traded my ole Rambler car, and now I drive a Chevy.


1. The Dog’s-a-howlin’ and I can’t sleep

The wife is worried, I can hear her weep

The river’s rising and the water’s getting deep

And I’ve got the river’s rising blues


2. Last Friday morn, I met the repo man

I said why you doin’ this he said ‘cause I can

I said to hell with you and God I ran

Now all I got’s the river’s rising blues


I got those damned ole river’s rising blues

Yes it’s true that I got, holes in my shoes

If I found a job, it be front page news

‘Cause all I got’s those river’s rising blues



3. So I went to the bank to get me a loan

I listened for an hour to a sympathy moan

I told him I’m not a dog, barking for a bone

Now all I got’s the river’s rising blues

Repeat Bridge


4. Now every year the tax man calls without fail

This year he’s talkin’ ‘bout me goin’ to jail

I don’t have enough to even pay my bail

‘Cause all I got’s the river’s rising blues

Repeat Bridge


Repeal First Verse

End with: Ya all I got’s the, …river’s rising blues

Ya I got no cure for, ..the river’s rising blues.


Tonight I feel the need for love


1. Tonight I’m feeling the need for love

I wish my wish on every star above

So tonight please tell me that you feel… the way I feel.

2. Just hold me close, tell me no lies

‘Cause I can see the truth in your eyes

So tonight please tell me that you feel…the way I feel.

Bridge: So please feel the way I feel tonight

Tell me you love me under pale moonlight

The moon and stars are shining bright

The air is still and the time is right For you to hold me and.. feel the way I feel

Repeat verse 1.

A Simple Word or two

1. My emotions, have me calling out to you,

There’s no reply and, I don’t know what to do

I’m waiting for a sign, just a word or two

The silence hurts so much, but it’s nothing new.


2 . Not thinking ‘bout your pain, when I lied

Or the pain I felt, when I heard you cried

I just felt so lost, staring at the sky

I was overwhelmed, and I thought I’d die



So all it took was a simple word or two

I felt your deepest love, lift away the blue

There’s nothing like a love, a love that is so true

There’s nothing like a love, a love so true

Repeat Bridge


3. You were right to be afraid, all the while

When you doubted me, it compromised my style

Suspicious words, tore my bleeding heart in half

I began to come alive, when I heard you laugh

In The Stillness


1. In the stillness of the cold, cold night

I wait and wonder ‘til I see the light

The sun comes up and it frees my soul

And miraculous things unfold.

In the stillness of the night…


2. I watch and wonder where you are tonight

Looking ‘cross the bay at a silver moonlight

It so reminds me of you and I smile

And I ask you sit by me awhile

In the stillness of the night


Bridge: I wish upon the star with all my might

Though it’s a cold, cold shivering night

I know I was wrong and you were right

And I’m wondering if I’ll make it this cold, cold night

Repeat “First Verse” and “Bridge”, End with “This cold, cold, night..


I Don’t Want to Live Without You

1. I don’t want to live without you; I don’t want to be without you,

I can’t find myself when you’re not there

Don’t know who I am without you, don’t know what to do without you

I can’t do a thing, I just don’t dare.


2. I’m so lost without your smile; it’s so confusing all the while,

I want to be the one you hold all night

I love the way you make me feel, when you’re not there, it isn’t real

When you’re holding me, it feels so right


You are everything to me, you are what I long to see,

There’s nothing about you I don’t adore…

You are what I long to see, can’t tell you what you mean to me,

I know that you are what I’m living for.


3. You give me reasons to go on, inspire me to write this song,

When you’re with me, I am never blue

I’ll give you all the love I can, be my girl, I’ll be your man,

Stand with me and I will stand with you


Just lay with me and I will lay with you,

‘Cause I don’t want to live…without you